Course ID: STAT 2000. 4 hours. 3 hours lecture and 2 hours lab per week.
Course Title: Introductory Statistics
Course Description: Introductory statistics including the collection of data, descriptive statistics, probability, and inference. Topics include sampling methods, experiments, numerical and graphical descriptive methods, correlation and regression, contingency tables, probability concepts and distributions, confidence intervals, and hypothesis testing for means and proportions.

Course ID: STAT 2100H. 4 hours. 3 hours lecture and 2 hours lab per week.
Course Title: Introduction to Statistics and Computing (Honors)
Course Description: Sampling theory including sample survey design; descriptive statistics; statistical distributions and their uses; estimation; introductory statistical inference including z-test and t-test for one sample (hypothesis testing); analysis of differences in two means; simple linear regression and correlation; goodness of fit tests and contingency tables.

Course ID: STAT 3000. 3 hours.
Course Title: Statistical Methods for Business
Course Description: Statistical methods for analysis of business data. Topics include: descriptive statistics, probability, random variables and distributions, sampling distributions of sample mean and proportion, statistical inference for population mean and proportion for single sample, comparison of two population means and proportions, simple linear regression, and introduction to multiple regression.

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