Course ID: ECON 1100. 3 hours.
Course Title: Analysis of Strategic Games
Course Description: The analysis of players' strategies and their outcomes when each player's best strategy depends on the (expected) actions of others. Circumstances leading to both cooperative and noncooperative outcomes are considered, with economic and other applications.

Course ID: ECON 2100. 3 hours.
Course Title: Economics of Environmental Quality
Course Description: The economic analysis of environmental issues, with discussions of current environmental quality problems, their underlying causes, and command vs. market-based solutions.

Course ID: ECON 2105. 3 hours.
Course Title: Principles of Macroeconomics
Course Description: Explanations of economic growth and the business cycle, aimed at shedding light on economy-wide problems such as inflation and unemployment, with special attention to the role played by monetary and fiscal policies.

Course ID: ECON 2106. 3 hours.
Course Title: Principles of Microeconomics
Course Description: Laws governing the use of scarce resources by producers and consumers in market economies, with emphasis on the role played by prices. The consequences of government involvement in the economy are studied, with examples taken from current policy issues.

Course ID: ECON 2200. 3 hours.
Course Title: Economic Development of the United States
Course Description: The United States' growth and transformation into an industrialized nation, exploring the contributions of diverse cultural groups. The rise of the corporation, slavery, government regulation, banking, transportation, the economic role of women and minorities, the Great Depression, and rapid post-World War II growth.

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