We will show you how to beat all the bookstores and have books delivered to your door. With UGAwiki, you can buy a book for what it's actually worth and sell it for what it's actually worth. Imagine if you could buy, use, and sell all of your textbooks for a semester for under $50. That's our goal. In fact, if you buy one or more used books from us, we will buy them back at the end of the semester for $50 less than you paid.1 Booked can be bought through the bookstore module below or by clicking on the banner above. If you cannot find a specific textbook in the box below, try finding it with BookFinder or renting with Chegg.

A student recently bought an economics textbook used for $4! Some orders over $25 qualify for free shipping.

Tip: Include both the title and author's last name in your searches.

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Below is the website for the University Bookstore. You can use it to find the books you need for your classes and to compare prices with our books.