Course ID: ACCT 1160. 3 hours.
Course Title: Survey of Accounting
Course Description: The analysis and interpretation of financial statements commonly found in the private sector. Not open to Business Administration students.

Course ID: ACCT 2101. 3 hours.
Course Title: Principles of Accounting I
Course Description: Basic accounting systems, concepts, and principles. The primary goals of this course are to develop an understanding of the accounting process and to summarize and communicate information useful in making economic decisions.

Course ID: ACCT 2102. 3 hours.
Course Title: Principles of Accounting II
Course Description: Basic managerial accounting systems, concepts, and principles. The analysis, interpretation, and reporting of cost data for management's decision making needs. Cost-volume-profit analysis, budgeting, and performance reporting are discussed as they relate to other business disciplines.

Course ID: ACCT 4000. 3 hours.
Course Title: Accounting Information in a Multinational Setting
Course Description: The use of domestic and international accounting information in the valuation of business enterprises and prediction of earnings, cash flow, and equity value.

Course ID: ACCT 4050. 3 hours.
Course Title: Financial Statement Analysis for Non-Accounting Majors
Course Description: Designed for non-accounting majors, this course provides a user's perspective of financial statements.

Course ID: ACCT 4400. 3 hours.
Course Title: Principles of Taxation for Non-Accountants
Course Description: The principles of federal income taxation as they apply to individuals and business entities.

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